Friday, December 17, 2010

The Gift

By Marta Gemelli
Illinois State Coordinator

Seven and a half years ago I received the greatest gift of my life (after the gift of salvation). I have debated whether this gift tops the gift of my children and husband, and have decided, “yes.” I have more of my children and more of my husband because of this gift than I would otherwise. The gift is prayer, and this is my story.

In September 2002, two moms started a Moms In Touch group for my children’s elementary school. I barely knew either of these women, but was invited for coffee and to hear about Moms In Touch International (MITI). At the time, praying in a group seemed like a very hard thing to do, but I joined, and within weeks, I was praying and crying during MITI! After several months, God was using this MITI group to change my life. I had experienced the gift of prayer!

For the most part, my prayers were expressed in tears that first year. The gift grew until I could pray out loud with comfort. MITI introduced me to women who had vibrant prayer lives, and the gift grew as I watched and shared with them. The gift included learning to praise and focus on a loving, sovereign God instead of on my problems and shortcomings. The gift gave me thankfulness; I grew to see God’s hand everywhere because of the weekly thanksgiving time.

Then, God gave me the courage to suggest this gift of prayer to my husband, Mike, and even gave me the confidence to actually pray out loud in front of him. After years, the gift was passed to Mike, and he started praying out loud, too. Eventually Mike suggested we pray together every morning—the gift grew!

My kids may, or may not, become prayer warriors in love with the Lord, but they have seen hundreds of God’s answers through this gift of prayer. I believe my children’s hearts would be very hard if this gift hadn’t affected their faith. Now, I have the gift of a teenage daughter who has spontaneously suggested praying together. Now that’s a gift!

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Monday, November 15, 2010

The Battle Belongs to the Lord

By Marilyn Ledoux
Appalachian Regional Director
Moms In Touch International

We do not know what to do, but our eyes are upon you.2 Chronicles 20:12b

In 2 Chronicles, Jehoshaphat’s cry when he saw a vast army approaching was my cry, too, as I faced a trial with my teenager unlike any I had experienced before. God used my Moms In Touch International hour, week after week, to keep my eyes on Him. We praised God for who He is, let Him search our hearts in silent confession, thanked Him for answers to prayer—whether we had seen those answers yet or not—and cried out to Him in intercession, bathing our children in His Word.

Hearing the compassionate, heartfelt cries of other mothers for my child encouraged me, and I gained the strength to stand upon the Word of God and believe His promises to me for my child.

Like Jehoshaphat’s cry for help, God heard mine too, and He has rescued and delivered my children time and time again. Our faithful Father is ready to do that for your family, as well, and those in the schools we pray for. Our God of love and mercy longs to rescue and deliver the multitudes who have been caught in the grip of the enemy. He is calling us to ... "Arise, cry out in the night, pour out your heart like water before the face of the Lord for the lives of your children" (Lamentations 2:19).

God has blessed me extravagantly in 20 years of being a MITI mom. Through my husband’s 30-year Marine Corps career, we have crisscrossed the country from coast to coast, and God has always been faithful to give me at least one other mom to pray with. Together we have kept our eyes upon Him, and He has taught me the truth of 2 Chronicles 20:17: "Take up your positions; stand firm and see the deliverance the LORD will give you."

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Best Use of My Time

By Pam Imig
Wyoming State Coordinator
Moms In Touch International

In 1998, our older daughter started seventh grade. I had always been an attentive volunteer parent, but that changed in junior high school. Volunteers were no longer welcome on a regular basis in the classrooms, and, as a parent, I did not feel needed or wanted. This sense that I could no longer protect my child from what was being taught was especially hard with my first child. I felt disconnected and out of touch.

One day a friend invited me to join her Moms In Touch group. I had never heard of Moms In Touch International, but quickly realized what an amazing blessing to pray weekly with other Christian moms for our children and schools. I found a way to connect with my daughter’s school through prayer, and I learned how to trust God with my children as they grew—to trust that He loved them so much more than I ever could, and He would guide them.

Praying through the Four Steps of Prayer each week—Praise, silent Confession, Thanksgiving and Intercession—helped relieve my fears and focus my prayers in hope as we prayed Scripturally. Peace came! Answers came! Wisdom came! I prayed for my children to control their tongues, and God began to help me control mine! Everyone in my family has been touched, changed and blessed by God through this ministry of prayer.

Throughout the years our group grew, divided and reached out to form new groups. Years later, and now as State Coordinator, I have a passion to encourage other women to persevere in prayer for children and schools. I agree with MITI Founder Fern Nichols when she says the best thing a mom can do is “spend consistent prayer time with God.” Please join us. It just takes one other mom to start.

As you come together in corporate prayer for your own children and for the children and staff at their school, you will see why so many moms have found the MITI hour of prayer to be the best use of their time.

To read a testimony from YOUR local area, click here.

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Prayers for Students and Schools Wrapped the Globe on Bless Our Schools Sunday

On Bless Our Schools Sunday, a teacher stopped by a MITI booth for prayer. They prayed for her as a teacher, for her students and that God would raise up a MITI group for her school.

Three boys stood up in their high school youth group and prayed for the students, the staff and the safety on their school campuses.

One church opened up their gym for prayer after each service. A common theme was praying that students will be bold in their faith, especially for See You at the Pole.

On September 19, 2010, the first annual Bless Our Schools Sunday, pastors around the world took a moment to pray for students and schools. Some called the educators forward and the congregation laid hands on them as they prayed. Others had the children come forward for a time of blessing them.

On Facebook, one mom wrote: “We had a precious time praying in both services over our teachers/staff, homeschooling parents, and then the students themselves. It’s an amazing thing to be a part of such huge corporate prayer!”

Another wrote, “I have that same sense of wonder as I did with Arise! Cry Out! All these parts of the body of Christ, taking the time to pray for the next generation, all over the world, on the same day … WOW!”

How did YOUR church participate in Bless Our Schools Sunday? We’d love to hear! 
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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Teacher Accepts Christ after Year of MITI Prayers

Susan of New England was excited to share this answer to prayer:

“I started a Moms In Touch group at our church last year. I was grateful for the 11 that would come out as we are in New England and MITI is fairly new to our local area.

“All year, I felt a burden to pray for my daughter’s math teacher and his fiancée. At the end of the school year he told her he ‘got saved.’ She talked to him further and found out that her science teacher and pastor led him to Christ.

“God is at work!!! We all have our jaws on the floor!!! 

“But there is more! The fiancée came to Christ just a few days afterwards! They were married this summer by the pastor that led him to Christ.

“The moms in my group expect God to work, but to see it like this in this region is just overwhelming! Those New England MITI pray-ers have tilled the spiritual soil. Thank you to them and thanks to Jesus for hearing and working in our midst!”

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Swiss Country Coordinator shares MITI with 30,000

By Cornelia Amstutz
Country Coordinator for MITI Switzerland

Switzerland celebrated their faith in Christ through an incredible event called Christustag (Christ's Day). Around 30,000 people gathered in the capital city of Bern to give thanks to God and to stand as a witness for Jesus.

God gave our Moms In Touch team, Mütter in Kontakt Switzerland, a wonderful opportunity to draw attention to prayer during this event. I was asked to speak and encourage the women to be spiritual mothers to the children and schools in Switzerland. While I was addressing the crowd, nearly 2,000 MITI moms dressed in pink, streamed forward onto the stadium field and stepped into the heart-shaped MITI space staked out for them. Standing on stage, a great joy came over me in view of this powerful testimony of prayer in Switzerland, all in God's honor. Suddenly, a strong wind swept over the stadium. At the end of my message, the wind was gone and the stadium was quiet again. To me, this was a powerful sign of God's holy presence and His work.

The moms standing in the heart hugged each other and were moved to tears. I challenged the women that remained in their seats to rise to their responsibility and stand in the gap for their children. We are praying they heard the clear call to prayer and will respond. Following this part of the program, two women from my leadership team prayed for the children of our land. At the conclusion of this prayer, a child, a father and a grandfather came forward to bless us as praying moms of Switzerland.

I am still overwhelmed when I think about the Christustag event in Bern. It was a tremendous and powerful celebration to the glory and honor of God. We have already received responses from mothers interested in joining Moms In Touch. 

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Moms Meet in Villages Throughout a Muslim Country

A pastor in a predominantly Muslim country works hard to preach the Gospel and encourage women to pray in Moms In Touch groups. 

Despite the challenges of terrorism, persecution and funding, says the pastor, God makes a way for His Gospel to be preached. His church community now has 73 pastors and 30 churches. 

Last November, the pastor diligently sought locations for the women to gather together for Arise! Cry Out! More than 300 women attended in various locations and villages! 

Since then 18 Moms In Touch groups have popped up throughout this region, a region that is often hostile towards Christians. Just last week, 100 women attended a MITI leaders meeting.

The pastor requests prayer for the women throughout his country.

Please pray that God:

- will move in the hearts of moms to accept Jesus Christ and have a desire to pray.
- will protect these congregations, the children and MITI moms.
- will comfort the hurting children and mothers.
- will supply the resources for schools and other programs to help women.
- will provide the funds to spread Moms In Touch.

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hearts at Home Shares MITI with their Moms

We appreciate Jill Savage, founder of Hearts at Home, writing about Moms In Touch International in her April newsletter.

Moms In Touch:  Another Great Mom Organization 

By Jill Savage, Founder of Hearts at Home

I remember when my daughter Anne was getting ready to go to kindergarten.  I wasn't worried about her going to school, I was worried about her riding the school bus!  

Over the years, my worries changed from concern about the bus, to friendship choices.  As we added more children to our family, my worries only increased as they moved to a new grade or a new stage of life. 

But I soon learned that worry wasn't doing much for me or them. I decided to turn my fears into prayers.  And I did that for one hour each week at my Moms In Touch prayer group.

Hearts at Home partners with Moms In Touch International, a ministry encouraging all moms, in all ages and stages, to gather with other women to pray specifically for their children and their schools.

Moms In Touch groups meet in every state in the USA and in 140 countries around the world. 

Will you commit to praying with another mom for your children and their schools?

Visit to learn more about Moms In Touch International and to find a group near you.
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Friday, April 23, 2010

Announcing: Bless Our Schools Sunday

     We’re excited to announce that September 19, 2010, will be our first annual Bless Our Schools Sunday, a time for churches worldwide to pray for children and schools. Our hope is that every year, the third Sunday of September will be a time for pastors to have all the educators (teachers, administrators, staff, school board, etc.)  and/or students in their congregation stand or come forward while the pastor prays blessing over them for the coming school year.
    Would you be willing to talk with your pastor about Bless Our Schools Sunday?
     Pastors will have the freedom to celebrate Bless Our Schools Sunday in a way that best fits his service and congregation. Some might even have a whole sermon based on blessing our schools through prayer and highlight testimonies from MITI moms, teachers and students. Churches are welcome to participate in Bless Our Schools at their Saturday services, as well. 
     Bless Our Schools Sunday will be a great time for MITI moms to invite others to their Moms In Touch groups.
     Imagine the impact this time of prayer will have on that worn-out teacher, the weary principal, the school board member thats standing up for biblical values, as well as every school in your community.
     Click here to view the Bless Our Schools flyer.
     Comment below to let us know you'll be talking to your pastor.
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Saturday, April 17, 2010

From Tears on 1st Day of Kindergarten to Joy in God's Faithfulness

Prayers for our own children often have ripple effects, touching the lives of others along the way. We were delighted to receive this mom’s testimony.

“This week I was reminded of how faithful the Lord was all through the years as we raised our children. I cried as I dropped off our first child at kindergarten. Even though it was a Christian school, I knew that I was trusting what someone else would say to her and how she would receive it. I knew that her life would be impacted by the other children she met and the experiences that I could not control.

“On the way home (that morning in 1988) Focus on the Family was featuring the Moms In Touch ministry, and Fern Nichols was the featured speaker. God is so faithful. He led me to intentional prayer through this ministry. I ordered the materials that same day, and thus began specific prayer with other women for our children and their schools. Quickly our first prayer group grew, and we separated into two groups. In just a few short years, there were several groups praying in Moreno Valley, California. We moved to a small community in Bayfield, Colorado, in 1992 and once again gathered a group of ladies to pray for our children and our schools.

“It has been a tremendous blessing to see the fruit of our labors. The Lord reminded me this Sunday of Moms In Touch as I listened to our son share with our church the adventures of his missions work in New Bombay, India. Our son Joey is now 23 years old and serves as the boys shelter project manager for Tender Hands. He is basically the parent to 12 boys who have been rescued from the streets of India. In a culture that throws away their children, the Lord is raising up an army of Christian leaders to train them up in His Word and to restore them with His love.

“Joey asked the group to pray for these boys. He said he knew this was more important than money. He said it was the most important thing we could do for the children.

“It was at that point I was reminded by the Lord of the impact that prayer through Moms In Touch had on my children. This intentional prayer using specific scriptures to pray for the godly character traits in our children has made an eternal difference not only in my children's lives, but in the lives of children in India!

“Thank you so much, Fern, for your heart to bring this ministry to life and share with moms like me. Truly you have blessed me beyond my ability to repay.”

Friday, March 26, 2010

God Orchestrates Our Children's Lives

     After years of praying in a Moms In Touch group, sometimes God surprises us with how He was orchestrating the lives of our children—not just answering our weekly requests, but also putting together the puzzle pieces of our children’s lives in ways that are truly “more than all we ask or imagine.”
     We recently heard the sweet story of how God continues to pass on the legacy of prayer. Years ago, a young mom approached Valerie, a seasoned MITI mom, for help in starting a Moms In Touch group for her daughter’s school. Neither could imagine the impact it would have on their families.
     The son and daughter were in two different school districts and later attended two different colleges, yet God brought them together. The children of these two MITI moms are now husband and wife.
     For years, Valerie and Mary had prayed for their children’s spouses never imagining how God would answer their prayers.
     "All those many years I was praying for Kate, and Mary was praying for my Tyler, and we had no idea what God had planned!" says Valerie. "God is so faithful to answer prayers."
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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Run to the One who Cares

     The enemy is after our children. We hear of school shootings in Alabama, a teenager kidnapping a baby in Florida, and a high school student being raped and murdered in San Diego County, CA.
Our hearts ache for these families. We cry out in frustration and anger. And even in fear. Where do we turn when our hearts are broken?
     We turn to the only One who can make sense of the senseless, our Abba Father.
     Run to the arms of the One Who Cares.
     He is the God who weeps for us. He cares for us. He comforts us.
     “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.” (Psalm 23:4)
Satan is on the attack. Now is not the time to give him one tiny foothold.
Ladies, will you join with us in greater resolve to “stand firm and without fear” (Job 11:15b)?
     We are in a spiritual battle for the very lives of our children. “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” (Ephesians 6:12)

Our Precious Savior, we cry out to You on behalf of the hurting moms across our country. Lord, bind up their wounds. Comfort their hearts. Strengthen their souls. Lord, we ask that You call moms together to pray fervently for their children and schools.

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Friday, February 19, 2010

A Little Song of Thanks

     Sharon Gamble, the New England Regional Director of Moms In Touch International, shares this sweet story:
     “My youngest child and I used to walk my eldest to school. On the way back, Mary would ‘sing’ to me. I still remember her tiny voice singing about birds, butterflies and the good God who made them. The songs did not rhyme and had no recognizable tune. They welled up out of a happy child’s heart and made my mother’s heart overflow! Mary did not need to sound profound or ‘beautiful.’ She just had to be my Mary, expressing her joy. I loved it!! In the same way, I don’t have to make my prayers sound impressive to please God. I just have to warble a little prayer song of thanks and, because I am His child, it will bring Him joy! As you go about your duties, join me in singing a little song of thanks! May God raise up a generation that loves Him and sings His praises! I wish you ‘music in your heart’ today.”

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Share a love note to our Precious Savior

     Fern Nichols, President and Founder of Moms In Touch International, shared about God’s love at Arise! Cry Out! Following is an excerpt, our Valentine’s Day gift to you, our gracious
MITI sisters.

     Praise God that His love is an everlasting love. It is an endless love. It’s a romance that lasts forever.
     In Jeremiah 31:3, God says, “I have loved you with an everlasting love. I have drawn you with loving kindness.”
     God’s love is a forever guarantee. God cannot love us any more or any less no matter what we do or don’t do.
     Women, He loved you before you were born. Yes, even before the foundation of the world, you were the object of His incomprehensible, special love.
     You are a woman greatly loved.
     Feel His tender hands cupping your face. Look up into His eyes. Do you see Him? And He says, you are mine. As you continue to look into these loving eyes, will you tell Him, "I love you"?
     I love You, Jesus. I love you.

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Join us in Praying for the Children and Schools in Haiti

     On January 12, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake devastated Haiti's capital city of Port-au-Prince. Will you join us in praying for the people of Haiti, especially the children and schools, as they endure the aftermath of this tragedy? Pray that God strengthens the MITI moms in Haiti as they cry out for the children and schools who have witnessed and experienced this horrendous catastrophe.
     Pray specifically for Marie Berson, director of 12 Christian schools in Haiti who leads Moms In Touch groups for each school. Pray God sustains her as she comforts the students and their families, even as she, herself, mourns the loss of loved ones in Port-au-Prince.

Join as we pray for Haiti and ask God …
  • to strengthen Marie Berson, the director and MITI leader for 12 schools in Haiti, as she comforts her school staff and students.
  • to clearly show God’s love and comfort to the 2,500 children in the Christian schools in Hinche and surrounding villages so they will put their faith in Christ.
  • to provide for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of Haitian families.
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Monday, January 11, 2010

A New Year,
A Renewed Commitment to Pray

     It’s January. The holidays are over. Students are returning to school. Routines are back to normal. The Christmas decorations are boxed up (or, at least, are waiting to be boxed up).
     Our attention now turns to the new year ahead. A new year filled with hope and promise and joy. A new opportunity to set goals and renew commitments.
     What prayer goals are you making this year?
     Thousands and thousands of women attended Arise! Cry Out! last November, pouring out their hearts to God for the lives of their children and schools. Would you like to continue that passion
to pray?
     Our e-News theme for 2010 is “Continue to Arise and Cry Out!”
     Crying out to the Lord on behalf of our children doesn’t need to end because the November 14, 2009, date is now past. Every week, women around the world are gathering together, praying in Moms In Touch groups for children, of all ages and stages, as well as for
their schools.
     Are you committing to start, join or regularly attend a MITI group?
     Click Comment below. We’d love to hear about it!
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