Friday, December 17, 2010

The Gift

By Marta Gemelli
Illinois State Coordinator

Seven and a half years ago I received the greatest gift of my life (after the gift of salvation). I have debated whether this gift tops the gift of my children and husband, and have decided, “yes.” I have more of my children and more of my husband because of this gift than I would otherwise. The gift is prayer, and this is my story.

In September 2002, two moms started a Moms In Touch group for my children’s elementary school. I barely knew either of these women, but was invited for coffee and to hear about Moms In Touch International (MITI). At the time, praying in a group seemed like a very hard thing to do, but I joined, and within weeks, I was praying and crying during MITI! After several months, God was using this MITI group to change my life. I had experienced the gift of prayer!

For the most part, my prayers were expressed in tears that first year. The gift grew until I could pray out loud with comfort. MITI introduced me to women who had vibrant prayer lives, and the gift grew as I watched and shared with them. The gift included learning to praise and focus on a loving, sovereign God instead of on my problems and shortcomings. The gift gave me thankfulness; I grew to see God’s hand everywhere because of the weekly thanksgiving time.

Then, God gave me the courage to suggest this gift of prayer to my husband, Mike, and even gave me the confidence to actually pray out loud in front of him. After years, the gift was passed to Mike, and he started praying out loud, too. Eventually Mike suggested we pray together every morning—the gift grew!

My kids may, or may not, become prayer warriors in love with the Lord, but they have seen hundreds of God’s answers through this gift of prayer. I believe my children’s hearts would be very hard if this gift hadn’t affected their faith. Now, I have the gift of a teenage daughter who has spontaneously suggested praying together. Now that’s a gift!

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