Thursday, June 17, 2010

Swiss Country Coordinator shares MITI with 30,000

By Cornelia Amstutz
Country Coordinator for MITI Switzerland

Switzerland celebrated their faith in Christ through an incredible event called Christustag (Christ's Day). Around 30,000 people gathered in the capital city of Bern to give thanks to God and to stand as a witness for Jesus.

God gave our Moms In Touch team, Mütter in Kontakt Switzerland, a wonderful opportunity to draw attention to prayer during this event. I was asked to speak and encourage the women to be spiritual mothers to the children and schools in Switzerland. While I was addressing the crowd, nearly 2,000 MITI moms dressed in pink, streamed forward onto the stadium field and stepped into the heart-shaped MITI space staked out for them. Standing on stage, a great joy came over me in view of this powerful testimony of prayer in Switzerland, all in God's honor. Suddenly, a strong wind swept over the stadium. At the end of my message, the wind was gone and the stadium was quiet again. To me, this was a powerful sign of God's holy presence and His work.

The moms standing in the heart hugged each other and were moved to tears. I challenged the women that remained in their seats to rise to their responsibility and stand in the gap for their children. We are praying they heard the clear call to prayer and will respond. Following this part of the program, two women from my leadership team prayed for the children of our land. At the conclusion of this prayer, a child, a father and a grandfather came forward to bless us as praying moms of Switzerland.

I am still overwhelmed when I think about the Christustag event in Bern. It was a tremendous and powerful celebration to the glory and honor of God. We have already received responses from mothers interested in joining Moms In Touch.