Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Teacher Accepts Christ after Year of MITI Prayers

Susan of New England was excited to share this answer to prayer:

“I started a Moms In Touch group at our church last year. I was grateful for the 11 that would come out as we are in New England and MITI is fairly new to our local area.

“All year, I felt a burden to pray for my daughter’s math teacher and his fiancée. At the end of the school year he told her he ‘got saved.’ She talked to him further and found out that her science teacher and pastor led him to Christ.

“God is at work!!! We all have our jaws on the floor!!! 

“But there is more! The fiancée came to Christ just a few days afterwards! They were married this summer by the pastor that led him to Christ.

“The moms in my group expect God to work, but to see it like this in this region is just overwhelming! Those New England MITI pray-ers have tilled the spiritual soil. Thank you to them and thanks to Jesus for hearing and working in our midst!”