Saturday, April 17, 2010

From Tears on 1st Day of Kindergarten to Joy in God's Faithfulness

Prayers for our own children often have ripple effects, touching the lives of others along the way. We were delighted to receive this mom’s testimony.

“This week I was reminded of how faithful the Lord was all through the years as we raised our children. I cried as I dropped off our first child at kindergarten. Even though it was a Christian school, I knew that I was trusting what someone else would say to her and how she would receive it. I knew that her life would be impacted by the other children she met and the experiences that I could not control.

“On the way home (that morning in 1988) Focus on the Family was featuring the Moms In Touch ministry, and Fern Nichols was the featured speaker. God is so faithful. He led me to intentional prayer through this ministry. I ordered the materials that same day, and thus began specific prayer with other women for our children and their schools. Quickly our first prayer group grew, and we separated into two groups. In just a few short years, there were several groups praying in Moreno Valley, California. We moved to a small community in Bayfield, Colorado, in 1992 and once again gathered a group of ladies to pray for our children and our schools.

“It has been a tremendous blessing to see the fruit of our labors. The Lord reminded me this Sunday of Moms In Touch as I listened to our son share with our church the adventures of his missions work in New Bombay, India. Our son Joey is now 23 years old and serves as the boys shelter project manager for Tender Hands. He is basically the parent to 12 boys who have been rescued from the streets of India. In a culture that throws away their children, the Lord is raising up an army of Christian leaders to train them up in His Word and to restore them with His love.

“Joey asked the group to pray for these boys. He said he knew this was more important than money. He said it was the most important thing we could do for the children.

“It was at that point I was reminded by the Lord of the impact that prayer through Moms In Touch had on my children. This intentional prayer using specific scriptures to pray for the godly character traits in our children has made an eternal difference not only in my children's lives, but in the lives of children in India!

“Thank you so much, Fern, for your heart to bring this ministry to life and share with moms like me. Truly you have blessed me beyond my ability to repay.”