Thursday, May 20, 2010

Moms Meet in Villages Throughout a Muslim Country

A pastor in a predominantly Muslim country works hard to preach the Gospel and encourage women to pray in Moms In Touch groups. 

Despite the challenges of terrorism, persecution and funding, says the pastor, God makes a way for His Gospel to be preached. His church community now has 73 pastors and 30 churches. 

Last November, the pastor diligently sought locations for the women to gather together for Arise! Cry Out! More than 300 women attended in various locations and villages! 

Since then 18 Moms In Touch groups have popped up throughout this region, a region that is often hostile towards Christians. Just last week, 100 women attended a MITI leaders meeting.

The pastor requests prayer for the women throughout his country.

Please pray that God:

- will move in the hearts of moms to accept Jesus Christ and have a desire to pray.
- will protect these congregations, the children and MITI moms.
- will comfort the hurting children and mothers.
- will supply the resources for schools and other programs to help women.
- will provide the funds to spread Moms In Touch.

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