Thursday, February 3, 2011

Feeling Weary? God Is the Victor!

By Jan Sutterfield
Southwest Regional Director
Moms In Touch International

I awoke that morning with a feeling of heaviness. The burden from the night before was still with me. Parenting was not easy. Fiery darts of worry and fear plagued me, and the “what ifs” were rolling in like tidal waves. The battle to raise two sons to love God and stand firm in this dark world seemed especially wearying. 

I was glad it was Thursday—Moms In Touch International day. In just a short while I would be gathering with other moms to pray for a solid hour for our children and their schools.

As we gathered that Thursday, the focus of our praise time was God is our Victor! We read Scriptures that focused on God’s power to bring victory, and I began to feel renewed strength. 

I realized how much I need others to come alongside me and encourage me with God’s promises and with prayer. I was in a battle and had grown tired and weary. Together we were holding up the truth of God for our children and schools … and it was changing me

When I left our Moms In Touch prayer time that day, my heart was light, my burden lifted. I knew that God would overcome the enemy in my circumstances and win the battle. He is the Victor!

Since first gathering with other moms in a Moms In Touch group in 1996, I continue to see God’s mighty hand move through this great work of prayer. As the Arkansas State Coordinator for six years and now as the Southwest Regional Director, I have the privilege of seeing God do amazing things in and through women’s lives as they gather to pray.

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