Thursday, June 30, 2011

Knitting Our Hearts Together in Prayer for Our Kids

By Rhonda VanderPloeg
Arizona State Coordinator
The bulletin ad read, “Come to a Moms In Touch Informational; a new group is forming for Blue Star Elementary School.” My heart did a little leap. I knew this was God’s answer to my pleas to teach me to pray and to be a wise mother. Soon our home was the meeting place for this new prayer group in Holland, Michigan. I found myself discovering the Lord in a whole new way as we focused on one of His attributes each week. The short, focused prayers drew me closer to God’s heart. I also enjoyed the support of other moms, and saw my children and school impacted by God’s power to answer prayer.

Since that time in 1994, Moms In Touch International has been a constant in my life. When the Lord moved our family to Arizona in 2003, I expected to again pray in a Moms In Touch group. Sadly, I soon realized that most moms in my area had never even heard of Moms In Touch. They were missing the joy of seeing God’s power through corporate prayer at work in their children’s lives.

Ready or not, I was drafted by the Holy Spirit to start the first group for our new school. Renewed passion burned in my heart for this ministry. I had a vision like never before. I wanted to share this power with other moms and spread MITI throughout my entire state.

What a privilege and thrill to be Arizona’s State Coordinator. I love to see firsthand how the Lord works in so many lives through the discovery of this simple prayer format that knits our hearts together for the sake of our kids before the throne of grace.

Rhonda VanderPloeg, Arizona State Coordinator, lives in Mesa. She has been married since 1984 and has five children from elementary school to young adults. She loves to discover and learn about God’s creation during quiet moments hiking in the desert.

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