Friday, February 19, 2010

A Little Song of Thanks

     Sharon Gamble, the New England Regional Director of Moms In Touch International, shares this sweet story:
     “My youngest child and I used to walk my eldest to school. On the way back, Mary would ‘sing’ to me. I still remember her tiny voice singing about birds, butterflies and the good God who made them. The songs did not rhyme and had no recognizable tune. They welled up out of a happy child’s heart and made my mother’s heart overflow! Mary did not need to sound profound or ‘beautiful.’ She just had to be my Mary, expressing her joy. I loved it!! In the same way, I don’t have to make my prayers sound impressive to please God. I just have to warble a little prayer song of thanks and, because I am His child, it will bring Him joy! As you go about your duties, join me in singing a little song of thanks! May God raise up a generation that loves Him and sings His praises! I wish you ‘music in your heart’ today.”

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