Friday, January 7, 2011

The Time to Pray Is NOW!

By Susan Abbott
Southern Texas State Coordinator

In 2003, I heard about Moms In Touch International from a friend in our Bible study. She asked if I would like to pray in a group for our children and schools. Right away I said, “Oh, no, I don’t have time to add anything else into my schedule. Maybe when our youngest child goes to kindergarten I’ll think about it.” I tucked the idea away … as God worked on my heart.

A couple years later, our youngest son was in kindergarten and our oldest, a daughter, was a senior in high school. God was urging me, growing in me the desire to pray with other moms. The pressing needs of my daughter who was ending her high school years and preparing for what was next, motivated me to make that commitment. I began praying each week with another mom. There were times when I didn’t even know how to pray, but God used that other mom to fill in when I was at a loss. Our prayer time was a great encouragement to me. In fact, those prayer hours became—and remain—the most important thing in my schedule.

God has shown me how to let go and love my children with grace. He is also growing each of my children in ways I never expected. Our daughter wasn’t interested in going to college right out of high school, but today she is returning to her studies, as she raises our first grandchild. After fighting about going to youth group every week for the first year, our middle child is now really committed to his youth group. And, our youngest child, who worried about friends, has a great group that hangs out together.

I know firsthand the heavy burdens we take on as moms. I also know when we give them over to our loving God in prayer with other moms it changes us. We become more like Jesus.

When someone asks you to join or start a Moms In Touch group, don’t wait! Don’t lose years of praying together. The time to pray is NOW!

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