Tuesday, September 6, 2011

High School Principal Tells MITI Group Their Prayers Are ‘The Oxygen That I Breathe’

With tears in his eyes, the principal stood in front of his school’s Moms In Touch group, thanking them for their faithful prayers over the past seven years.

It means so much to know that “moms are praying for me,” he shared. “Moms are being faithful, they care so much that they take off work to pray for me, my staff, the students. You’re covering the school with prayer. You can’t imagine how that strengthens me as a principal. It’s the oxygen that I breathe.”

When he had first accepted the position to start a brand new school, he was not yet a “son of the King.” But that did not stop the Moms In Touch group from praying faithfully for him.

“I had fought God for 30 years,” he shared at a MITI gathering. Then in October 2004, after the MITI group had been praying for his salvation, he began to ask, “God, are you real?”

“Unbeknownst to me, these faithful children of the Lord had been praying for a believing principal,” he said. “God was a magnet pulling me towards Him.” Then, later in the school year, he gave his life to Christ. “I felt a shower of grace,” he explained.

When the MITI moms came into his office to introduce themselves and ask if they could encourage the staff through Words and Deeds, he surprised them with a request.
“I asked if they would meet with me on a monthly basis for prayer. It seemed like the most natural thing.”

For seven years, they met monthly early in the morning to cover their principal, staff and school in prayer.

“We’ve had some profound moments,” he said of his time in prayer with the MITI group. With a staff of 200 and 2,500 students, “being a high school principal, is a lot like running a small city. There’s a potential for crisis every day.”

At times, he has sent out SOS emails saying, “I need prayer now.” Then, “three hours later the issue goes away. That’s the power of prayer. I can guarantee you that God answers prayer in a visceral way that transforms me and my school. I now have four believing secretaries, a receptionist and four assistant principals.

“Thank you for praying for me, Moms In Touch. Continue to pray that whatever I do will bring glory to God.”

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  1. this is also the air that we, as praying moms, breathe. It is evidence of God's mysterious way of using us to further His kingdom, and to glorify Himself. No plan of His will be thwarted!!! God is Victory over evil and death.He is light, life, comfort and strength. Halleluiah to our King of Kings!